Business Consultants

QMS as a business consulting company , is active in the fields of Business Consulting , HR Consulting and Seminars - Training offering practical solutions with immediate results, which contribute to the dynamic development of companies and enhance the efficiency of their members.

Through specialized and specially tailored services, it is able to ensure a perfectly healthy and profitable ground for expansion and business opportunities for every entrepreneur..

QMS Consulting 's business consultants systematically support their clients to grow and develop their businesses. We offer our clients solutions in the field of strategy , marketing , organization and financing , as well as support in litigation.

QMS Business Consultants

Business consultants provide you with solutions based on:
  • anticipating new market trends
  • setting clear goals for the whole company
  • valuing and ensuring the financial viability of your projects
  • optimizing the processes of your business
  • identifying excellent product combinations & markets (PMCs)
  • consolidating profitable partnerships
  • utilizing internet marketing
  • analyzing , through customer interviews, what really happens.
Our experience in streamlining the multi-business operation makes us your ideal partners when your business has operational problems but also essential consultants when you want to increase your clientele as well as find new sources of funding for your business.

Subsidies - Why choose us

Our clientele contains many companies that took advantage of grant programs , such as the NSRF , Information Society , RDP , Community aid , etc. and entrusted us with the submission of their dossier.

All these necessary tasks before and after the submission of the dossier must be completed by people with in-depth knowledge of the market and the operation of the ministries that examine the dossier dossiers.
QMS guarantees that both before and after the filing of the file,
you will know at any time about the progress of your folder .