Law services

Our company maintains specialized partnerships with top of the line layers that accumulate many years of experience and provide immediate, effective and cost effective solutions for every law case concerning your personal or business affairs.
Areas of law specialized by legal advisors/layers:

Law of obligations

Practical experience in negotiating and drafting contracts (for example: land contract, general contracting, lease agreements).

Property law

Drafting property lawsuits (for example: real estate claims) and solving legal problems arising from the law application about cadastre.

Family law

Family law case resolution (indicatively: divorces, child recognition, infidelity, child support) exercising absolute confidentiality and respect for the institution of family.

Inheritance law

Resolve legal issues arising from inheritances of Greece or Greece abroad residents.

Private insurance law

Specialized case resolution of road accidents and cases arising from private insurance contracts (for example: hospital, investment contracts), etc.

Commercial law

Extensive experience in drafting commercial contracts.

Labor law

Experience in defending workers' rights

Insurance - Tax law

Writing objections and appearing before administrative committees, drafting lawsuits and appeals against acts or omissions of the Administration, before the Administrative Courts.

Criminal law

Undertake the defense or representation of civil action in criminal offenses, especially in financial crimes (eg fraud, forgery etc) and in crimes of insulting the personality of persons or corporations (< b>defamation)