The staff of the accounting - tax services department of our company, has experienced and qualified accountants - tax technicians who are active in the full range of services, giving you efficient and economical, advice, benefits to any kind of business, freelancers and individuals.

Accounting Coverage

Keeping books computerized
Updating and keeping the company's accounting books
Printing of Certified Books
Payroll monitoring

Tax coverage

Writing, signing and submitting Periodic Statements
Compilation, signing and submission of the VAT Clearance Declaration
Compilation, signing and submission of the Income Tax Return.
Preparation, signing and submission of Consolidated Statements of suppliers' customer invoices
Providing information to the National Statistical Office.

Other tax services

Visa of books & data
Payment of debts to tax authorities and insurance companies
Issuance of Tax Awareness
Issuance of Insurance Awareness
Information and notification of debts to tax authorities and insurance organizations.
Information on possible obligations of the company arising from commercial law.

Tax expert visits to the company

Our obligations:
On the weekly and pre-agreed day and period of the day, visit the business in order:
Receipt and registration of documents
The printing of Monthly Statements
The delivery of financial - tax reports
The collection of the monthly fee
The collection of money - receipt of checks for the payment of company bills.
In the event that it is deemed that specific and extensive clarifications are required regarding the financial - tax issues of the company, a joint meeting is arranged in order to discuss any issues that may arise..
The archiving of the relevant documents is done with the responsibility of the company and our advice.

Payment of bills

We undertake the payment of specific financial debts of the company to the tax authorities and the insurance organizations.

The rules governing these payments are as follows:
They are made on behalf of the company and with its sole responsibility.
They are made by the issuance by the company of a bank or personal check for amounts over 500,00Ε
They take place after a specific consultation of the company with us and at the latest one week before their final date.


The inventory of the company, and its recording, is carried out by the staff of the company according to our instructions in the second week of the month and can be repeated as many times as necessary for its proper operation.

Economical - Financial Information

We will submit a written report with the data that emerge for each month within 20 calendar days from the end of it, with cumulative data for the annual financial - tax course .

Labor - Employment - Payroll

The company is obliged to inform in writing at least 5 working days before the payment of the payroll regarding the employees' working days and the relevant remarks of the previous month.
It is possible to inform the company in writing 2 working days before the payment of payroll , with the certificates of salary and the insurance contributions of the company to them insurance companies
The company is obliged to inform in writing about issues of dismissals , recruitment and related business moves related to work & labor interest at least 2 working days before the realization their.

IKA - OAED - other tax technical works

In the compilation, signing and submission of the Detailed Periodic Statement to IKA
In the pension, submission of recruitments, dismissals, voluntary departures to the relevant OAED .
Compiling, signing and submitting staff statements and employment contracts to the Labor Inspectorate .
In the preparation, signing and submission of the Temporary Payroll Tax Return .
In the preparation, signing and submission of the Final Payroll Tax Return.
Printing employer certificates to employees.
Printing of Annual Remuneration Certificate for tax use.