Investments - Loans

The banking sector is large, extensive and multifaceted and each bank has its own operating rules, its own products and its own rules customer rating , in addition to those provided by their supervisory authority, the Bank of Greece.

QMS has the comparative competitive advantage in exploring, shaping and supporting the best banking solutions across the range of banking operations because it relies on:
  • In knowledge , many years of experience and specialization of executives
  • The possibility of selecting, composing and supporting banking solutions , because it cooperates with all of Greek banks , but also with banks operating abroad.

financial services

We specialize in providing credit products solutions such as consumer or personal loan , mortgage loan with the best market conditions, while We have extensive experience in foreign exchange trading .

In the field of investments, understanding the needs of our customers for secure investments , QMS is able to provide its customers with access to selected mutual funds, bonds, shares with prospects long-term performance both in the Greek stock market and in foreign stock exchanges.

Finally, QMS offers specialized capital management solutions in cooperation with international companies abroad , but also with the large capital management offices of the Greek market.