Public Relations - Communication

The unlimited power and incalculable value of speech , this wonderful means of expression of human thought, has been appreciated since ancient times, and its correct use and successful communication in general have always been recognized as a fundamental tool for the harmonious cooperation, progress and success of individuals and societies.
Today, more than at any other time in human history, the need for proper and effective communication is, for many reasons, even more pressing.

In the commercial, industrial and business sectors in general, a very wide range of activities has been developed that not only covers national borders, but also extends far beyond them at the global and multinational level.

The executives of these companies should communicate effectively not only with each other and with their workforce, but also with the wider consumer public , in order to persuade our highly competitive society to procure their own products or services.

Public relations is a strategic communication system , necessary for every business, organization, government and public administration mechanisms.
The public relations strategy consists of:

1. Research
2. Analysis
3. Blueprint
4. Action

Basic public relations tools

1. Media
2. Press Releases
3. Telephone service lines
4. Websites, CDs, digital material
5. Corporate sponsorships and related activities
The staff of the public relations - communication department of our company has specialized associates who can advise you and undertake the strategic planning by building the cooperation responsibly between your business and the general public.

Public relations creates a climate of trust , good reputation, acceptable name, high prestige, harmonious relations between executives increasing their performance, improve the image of the product, produce work in practice making the business unique!

Reputation is essentially determined by what you do, by what you say and by what others say about you. Public relations is at the center between organizations and public opinion, influencing it and its behavior”.

For example, buying a car is more likely to be influenced by a advertisement or by a friend telling you about the car.;

Views of the human environment affect him more than any commercial communication .

Companies that are interested in their viability and are more than satisfied with their increase in profits , in the last five years use more than 70% of public actions relationships , with advertising and direct marketing following.

In a public relations opinion poll , 65.4% answered that public relations is convincing in the image of the company and therefore have a positive opinion of it.

The majority believe that public relations actions fully help in corporate reputation , in building loyal customers and in building good relationships with the team audience .

Providing public relations is not the prerogative of large and economically powerful companies, but is a development tool for any economic activity that follows the laws of the market and competitiveness .